Cross Post: Final Course 2 project – #COETAILCON #coetail


Didn’t you ask for permission? You horrible, horrible, COETAILers. Don’t you have to ask permission before you go start creating stuff? How dare you do this?

How is awesome is that?

@jutecht – COETAIL grand supremeo

#coetailcon was my course 2 final project.

I had a vague idea of taking all the principles we learned about in course two and turning it into something that people could participate in rather than learn about with the hope that the teachers involved would think about digital engagement.

Living online there is always the pressure to add more.

Write a blog post, then add pictures, maybe a video, some sound, embed a slideshow.

At some point it all become too much to keep up with both as a creator and as a consumer.

We live in a world of so much content that being able to ethically condense complex ideas down to their essence is just as an important skill as the ability to create and remix content.

Hence #coetailcon

Over the course of the last week:

  • Coetailcon has connected participants in different cohorts, coaches and the wider education community.
  • Presenters still needed to acknowledge sources etc. to participate.
  • Rebecca Madrid picked up the format and used it in her class.

I hope the format keeps going.

Some things for next time:

  • Get my act together about planning, publicising and getting others involved in organising far ahead of time.
  • A shorter time frame?
  • A big thanks to the brave presenters (woohoo) and the community for swinging in behind it.

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