Not all kids look forward to the holidays…

With the holidays coming up fast it can be easy to assume that the kids are marking time until the end of school. There is talk of vacations and Paris, visits to amusement parks and chances to reconnect with families abroad.

But there’s the kids who just nod along, desperate to feel like they are excited to have a glorious weeks of freedom when in reality they are putting on a show. Holidays are something they dread

The kids who are moving on to different schools or moving countries, anxious about their new life worried about leaving their friends behind.

The kids who have a chaotic home life who come to school to feel loved and secure.

The kids who will be looking after brothers and sisters when their parents work long hours.

The kids who will be at home for many weeks with helpers while their parents work long hours.

For those of us blessed with good luck we can’t possibly imagine why anyone would dread school holidays. Yet for some children holidays are anxious times. As we are busying making our vacation  plans it is so easy to forget that school represents a safe, calm and caring space for some kids.

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