The last week of the school year… the waiting place

“Not long until the weekend…”

“This week is taking forever…”

“Only 4.5 days until holidays…”

How often have you caught yourself saying or wishing the school year is over? For how much teachers say we love our jobs, we have an awful habit of counting down the days and hours until we are finally free.

Why is that?

Tiredness, stress.

Schools are frantic places. There is always something coming up.

A sporting event, a trip, a performance, reports, a visit from an accreditation agency, admin tasks.

I am exhausted just typing that list.

But for all the tasks that need to be done is the one that we as teachers give the least attention.

How do we make the last week of school meaningful and interesting for the kids?

Teachers are often told to keep the learning going as long as possible but so often the last week of school feels like the waiting place.

This year we’ve got a couple of things on the boil to keep the kids engaged:

  • An unconference where the children teach others about a passion
  • A meaningful class party
  • Creating a meaningful gift for the children moving on

We’ll see how things work out.

Image by the author
Image by the author

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