Links you should be reading a bunch of…

I thought it was supposed to be summer here in Europe. I’ve spent most of the week in Amsterdam but am now in Ghent in Belgium on the lookout for waffles, chocolate and frites (with mayonnaise naturally).

In the meantime, here’s a list of links that have caught my attention this week.

Kids art takes over billboards in times square Part of an exhibition by the Metropolitan museum of New York. Love the idea of kids art in public places.

The Poet laureate of Columbia, South Carolina wrote this touching poem to the victims of the Charleston shooting. We need more poet laureates in the world.

Omotenashi promo video of quick shinkansen cleanup goes viralGetting a shinkansen clean in less than 7 minutes.

Why Compassionate Male Teachers Struggle in Education’s Jock Culture Already shared on twitter but worthy of a reshare.

International Space Station symphony so beautiful I could watch this all day

Speaking of beautiful, this excerpt from the book Skyfaring should have you purchasing both plane tickets and books.

Two weeks of Status updates from your vague friend on Facebook. Oh dear that friend might be me…

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