Links you should be reading a bunch of..

Everyone was an artist in kindergarten… – why is it that we educate the creativity and risk taking out of our kids?

University of Adelaide is phasing out lectures – something called flipped learning going to revolutionise learning in higher education.

Seven things you shouldn’t do on Facebook if you want to like your life..  in real life too

Google and Apple alum says using this one word can damage your credibility – particularly relevant for women teachers aspiring to leadership positions. In a similar vien Madeleine Albright Says: Learn to Interrupt, But Only If You Know What You’re Talking About

Misty Copeland makes history as first black female principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre yah for breaking down barriers.

The Internet That Was (and Still Could Be) long quote:

“Facebook is at best mixed for one crucial reason. We built the blogosphere ourselves. We wrote the posts, we linked to others, and what emerged was ours. At the time it stood in contrast to the content coming from the professional media. That content was written by them for us to consume. Blogs were ours.

Facebook is not ours. It’s theirs for us to use. Facebook is now a far better Roschian prototype of the Internet than old-fashioned blogs are.”

Go and read the rest.

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