Links you should be reading a bunch of…

I’m currently sunning myself in Tuscany. It’s beautiful – both the food and scenery. These are a few links that have piqued my interest this week on the interwebs.

Got Tech? Hear me roar! – this is  fantastic post by @virtuallykaren on the possibilities that technology has to breathe life into the key competencies of the curriculum.

You’re Loading the Dishwasher Wrong: A Chore and a Power Struggle – Start the new year/term right in your staffroom.

What It Takes to Become an All Project-Based School – It involves letting go of what we used to do.

50,000 images that will change how you see Africa forever Shots you don’t see in the media. Also a great accompaniment to where children play via @katherineqi

Why Can’t We Fall Asleep? – Long read but it’s not just since we put our phones by our bed.

Counterfeiters push fashion labels to new heights – an interesting take on intellectual property from the fashion industry.





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