Links you should be reading a bunch of… New York version

I love New York.

The food, the fashion, the diversity, the thinking.

And for a few days I’m here hanging out getting into North American time and lunching.

In the meantime here are some links you should be reading a bunch of… from New York publications naturally.

Empathy is actually a choice – Those PYP attitudes need to be more than just wall hangings. Greater thinking needs to go into how we teach and assess the attitudes. (New York Times)

The Work We Do While We Sleep – turns out our bodies are busy when are sleeping. Except in New York. (New Yorker)

In the Age of the Internet, Changing Your Name When You Marry Is a Terrible Idea Digital footprints add another dimension to the name changing question. (Cosmopolitan).

How to Cut Children’s Screen Time? Say No to Yourself First. Wow. Could be useful start for digital citizenship workshops for parents. Are you modelling the behaviours you wish to see?

Unlimited vacation time? This leads to an interesting question are people confusing desk time with work?

Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk? Last week I posted a link to an article critical of the way women use permissions in their everyday speech. Maybe the problem is the listener?

A gallery of girls losing their minds at the Women’s World Cup ticker tape parade – so much win!

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