The online world is the real world

One of the changes I’ve noticed in my life since working in an international school is how fluid our concept of geography is when it comes to maintaining relationships.

For my flight to Heathrow I sat with a team mate and his family along with several other families from my school – both staff and children.

One of my fellow Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) from Australia was visiting Europe at the same time me. His Facebook updates prompted visits to different places including the amazing K21 museum in Dusseldorf. We criss-crossed each other through Europe before we managed to bump into each other in Rome.

K21 museum, Dusseldorf

Spending several days with a teaching friend from Singapore enjoying fine food and finer views in rural Tuscany.

Pecorino with honey.

Posting an update I was in New York via instagram which turned into catching up another ADE for a show, the perth-based @mgraffin for a coffee before heading down to Baltimore to catch up with old friend in DC.


To finish it off, I ended up bumping into my team leader’s son at Montreal airport just before heading back to Singapore


If I hadn’t been sharing where I was going and what I was doing, then I wouldn’t have enjoyed so many of those experiences.

We need to stop referring to the online world as being separate and distinct from the real world. For our students and increasingly our teachers, it is just the world… and an increasingly interconnected one.


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