Start of the year video

I’ve done beginning of the year videos for the children I’m about to teach for the last few years. The video helps set the tone for the year and is a quick way for parents to see what’s in store for their children for the school year ahead.

This year, the kids were involved. The children looked at Baz Luhrmann’s Everyone is Free to War Sunscreen as inspiration for their own words of wisdom for the new class.

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  1. Thanks for this Stephanie, it is such a valuable process for the reflecting class and for the new group of students coming in. Also, it was not just a great thing to do but using the Sunscreen song (thanks for the flashback!) was a really solid way to structure the thinking about content and to guide the video format. I’ll share, remember and use your idea!


    1. Hi Katherine, Thanks for stopping by. If I had to do it all again, I’d leave more time for this process. It was intended as a ‘filler’ activity at the end of the year but could have been so much more than that.


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