Happy birthday Singapore – on teaching inside of a bubble

Singapore is celebrating its 50 years since its independence.

I feel very fortunate to call this place home for the opportunities the country has afforded me over the last 18 months.

But I’ve had a nagging feeling these last few months.

How much the school day would change for the students for the children I teach if the school was plonked in another country?

The answer…

Not much.


The richest part of my student’s identity – growing up in a country different from the one of their parents – is one I don’t utilise very often.


Yet when I look around there is so much for the children to learn by just stepping out of their classroom.


Fortunately this year the first unit of inquiry is on exploration. The neighbourhoods of Singapore will serve as a place for the children to learn and discover more about their home and in turn themselves. Untitled

I can’t wait to be part of it…


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