First Day back Fun

A busy first day.

Answering the binary question.


The children spent time introducing an object from the class and their connections to the object. After each child told their story, they would volunteer to go next when they felt they had a connection with another child. Over the week the children will add to their connection map. IMG_0157

A photo scavenger hunt . Instead of the usual school tour the children went hunting for photos around their school environment. The object of this experience was not on speed but recreating the photo. This experience encourages children to examine their surroundings and images deeply. Using different angles in the photos enabled children to have a concrete experience of the PYP (Primary Years Programme) concept of perspective.  IMG_0159

Crafting an essential agreement. There was dance.


And specialist classroom teachers were invited to join the conversation about how the Year level wants to be treated.


There were assemblies…

But there was also time to bond with others…

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