You never know who is watching…

There are certain things you can’t really learn in school.

How to act on public transport is one of them.

During our field trip this week the children travelled on Singapore’s MRT. They had to remember their transportation card, buzz through, keep to the group and also negotiate space with members of the public.

Before we got on, I talked about our journey. Just two stops and we’d be off the train, we were young and fit. Did we really need to take a seat?

No, not really. We’ll let others take the seat

As I was talking to the children, one of the members of the public came up and thanked me for talking about train etiquette. That interaction solidified the lesson on being mindful in public spaces, as you never really know who is watching.

So often in rush to get places with kids we forget that negotiating the use of public space is an important part of their education.


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