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Is this the 3rd course of Coetail?

My cohort and I are no longer the newbies.

After the phenomenal success of #coetailcon, I thought about how we could keep the principles of short, succinct ideas going into the next course.

Because Course 3 has a visual topic, I was inspired by the ‘pedagogical geek’ @GeoMouldey to start up a version of Sketchaday May, #coetailsketch.

Sketchnoting is something that I first fell in love with at the Apple Distinguished Educator institute a few years ago where the amazing @itsallaboutart introduced the concept of visual note-taking.

I tend to think of sketchnoting as doodling with a purpose. Just as twitter forces the verbose amongst us to condense ideas down into 140 characters, sketchnoting constrains communication of complex ideas to well-placed words and images. The creative constraints are time, space and for people like me, artistic ability.

I can barely write my name legibly.

Fortunately @braddo  has a great sketchnoting primer that even us non-artists can follow to get us started.

I’ve used parts of Brad’s primer with my Grade 3 students. We use sketchnoting in all areas of the curriculum but it is used the most during class readalouds.  When I am reading novels to my students, they can be found drawing key scenes or characters,  new ideas that pop into their head or questions to ponder.

The idea of #coetailsketch is that we use the spirit of this course to sketchnoting. Doodling is a private process but what might happen if we start sharing our learning?

We might have our thinking around a topic clarified.

We might find that others have been pondering the same questions as we have and start to collaborate.

We might inspire others to share their learning.

We might see our ideas evolve over time.

I think daily might be a push for a lot of us – however a weekly sketch seems quite doable. The sketch should ideally be a question or idea you’ve been pondering this week.

The post can be on paper – a post it or A3 paper. Or you can usual a digital drawing tool like Paper53 Adobe Photoshop Sketch on a tablet.

Other coetailers, coaches, different cohorts, anyone really can join the party.

Share using the #coetailsketch on twitter.

 Who is in?

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