Learning logs – the journey continues

The ‘big idea’ of our unit – human exploration results in new discoveries – it’s been fantastic to see how children use this idea in their home learning.
This child made a lot of interesting connections between her apartment and the ‘learning statement..’ by looking and observing her home and then researching. She thought that her apartment, named Pandan, was named for the pandan tree which is also used as the ingredient in pandan cake to turn it green! She’s made connections to all three ideas.
This child made great connection to the statement and a family vacation in Penang. He learned about Peranakan culture and was able to make connections to the food he ate and buildings he observed on the trip. The child said the home learning had a great time remembering their adventure.
This child went out exploring this weekend in the local neighbourhood to find different types of shops and buildings with his Mum and Dad. He noticed that while there are a lot of new and tall buildings in Singapore, there are also some older, smaller ones. He is showing that he understands that the buildings that are in our environment might have clues to the past.
The learning logs in are a great way for children to do ‘hands-on’ research by exploring their environment. Taking a walk, a visit to a restaurant, a mall or exploring a memory from the past is a great way for families to connect to the learning at school with the world beyond the classroom.

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