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I first came across CARP design principles at the Apple Distinguished Educators Institute in Bali back in 2013. The principles made a lot of sense and I quickly applied them to my own presentations. As my friend Keri-Lee Beasley often mentions in both in her book Design Secrets Revealed and in person,  its like a secret language for what ‘good’ looks like has been unlocked.

However, it took me sometime before I was confident to share the ideas with the students.

One of the ways I integrate design into my literacy block is to give the kids design challenges. Each week we look at a different principle; contrast fonts, colours, contrast, alignment. I give the kids a visual presentation with something that breaks the rule and the kids have to fix it.

These quick 10 minute mini-lessons are an easy way to give children language to unpack what ‘good’ looks like. However be warned – your presentations will be subject to criticism once you teach this so be prepared to model what you teach!


from Teaching the Teacher

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  1. Great graphic. Cheers for sharing. A colleague of mine, Helen Chileshe, who is now at St Paul’s College in Hamilton ran some great lunchtime workshops on this topic for staff when I worked with her in Christchurch. It is really important in good literacy practice to have good visual design practice too.

    Enjoyed this post – now off to have a read of some of your earlier ones.

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