The rule of daily writing #cenz15

At the end of last year I noticed I hadn’t been posting much on the blog. There were a huge number of posts languishing in draft form. Half-written, half-thought ideas, that I never finished and as a result were never commented on and refined.

This year I made a resolution that no matter what was happening in my life, I would publish a blogpost a day. 

There days that I was busy.

There were days I was completely uninspired.

There days  I was sick.

274 days later, I learned something.

Most of what I write is mediocre. A lot of it is really, really bad.

However, there is 5% which is really good.

And the funny thing about that 5%?

It often happens on the days when I have no idea what to write about.

However because I’ve put myself on thus daily publishing schedule, I’ve given myself this creative constraint to get all those half thought ideas out there and eventually all those half thought ideas become something awesome.

Writing on the Internet is something I enjoy doing. However for those joining the journey this connected educator month, my advice is simple.


Not every piece of writing you do is going to be amazing.

In fact, a lot if it won’t be.

But by getting into the habit of sharing, you will eventually share your something awesome.


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  1. I too have many half-written posts. Some, sadly will never be published because I left them too long. Others don’t have a time frame/limit restricting them. Some…. well I find the issue comes back round again and the post is once again relevant and can be picked up and finished.


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