#coetailsketch – an idea to work on #coetail


At the start of Course 3 I proposed the idea of #coetailsketch. The idea being that COETAILers could have a go at putting into images their thinking and sharing those images. I love using Paper53 as a great app. Over the years the App has become a lot more shareable with its only community of practice. IMG_2273


@chezvivian joined in with a fantastic first submission. Looking at how Coetail supports pedagogy and pedagogy supports citizenship.

It was going to be great and then I decided to go to three conferences in as many weeks presenting at two of them. First up I have my submission had a go at looking for main ideas from conference speakers.

Another COETAILer @hudsonea also got in on the act.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsMaking two submissions for different keynotes.

Her sketchnotes were far more detailed and seeing them helped job my memory about some of the lines from the two keynotes. During the ISHCMC3E I was running around far too much to sit and draw but I’m going to include @sherrattsam keynote from Learning2

Firstly because a lot of  Sam’s concluding remarks at 3E became his Learning2 talk but at Learning2 he had his own hand-drawn visuals up on stage at Learning2 which made a huge difference to presentation. The words were powerful but the interplay of the pictures gave this talk an added depth. He also showed that slides don’t need to just rely on photos – hand-drawn images can actually compliment a speaker as in the process of creating the visuals, a speaker thinks more about the ideas they wish to convey.

And this became part of my own (terrifying) presentation on the stage for the disrupt strand pitch. Although we didn’t use handwritten slides, I was spending a lot of time sketching my ideas.


I haven’t yet mustered up the courage to see how many of those ideas made it into the  final pitch 

Sketchnoting helped me to:

  • Condense complex discussions and speeches down to a visual representation.
  • Using visual representations enabled me to think far more conceptually about problems
  • Organise ideas by using space on the paper
  • Jogged my memory of discussions or ideas I hadn’t remembered
  • Viewing other sketchnotes reminded me of details I missed in my own notes without looking thorugh pages of google docs.

Of course the downside was this project was not as successful as I first envisioned due to a lack of numbers and even my own participation.

However now that I’ve started sketchnoting – I often find myself looking to drawings to explain complex ideas.

Which leads to an important question – why don’t we teach more with visuals?

Why do relegate communicating with visually to ‘art class?’

from Teaching the Teacher http://ift.tt/205Ibyq

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