Links to be reading

10 top writing tips and the secrets behind them – I found this post a good reminder to write succinctly and with more passion.

Secret Teacher: Brilliant eccentric teachers are a dying breed – All teachers should be weird in some way. It’s part of the job description.

Beautiful colour photographs of England during the 1920s – The flapper era in technicolour!

Letting go, shedding skins and teaching as a trapeze… All Kath Murdoch’s posts are must-reads. While I appreciate the trapeze analogy, as an ophidiophobic the shedding skins metaphor was a tad disconcerting to read.

Parents: reject technology shame I love the balanced perspective of this article on technology usage for children. Limiting kid’s access is one tool in the toolbox to navigating the online world (just like the real world!)

A very different space – I always find something thought-provoking to read over at Time Space Education. This post on learning space is inspirational.

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