If schools really value the learning process, why do we showcase product to parents?

Tomorrow my Year is holding a mini-exhibition – it’s an end of unit session where the children share what they’ve learned during this Unit of Inquiry.

Often in schools this is usually in the form of a finished product to show parents, a nice science fair exhibit, a poster, a presentation.

The child will talk through the finished product, all the steps they took, their thinking behind what their actions.

But there is nothing to improve on.

The project is done.

There might be a reflection but then it’s time to move on to a new unit.

This time I’m experimenting with something different.

Instead of the children in my class showing their parents finished products, they will make and create with their families.

It’s nerve-wracking not having big posters, presentations. There will be no big speeches.

The children did need to get their materials together.

Some of them thought about writing down their instructions.

Some of them have a rough plan drawn.

But the product will come together on the day.

Why not flip our whole process of showcasing learning – why not parents and children learn together?

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