Reports – a long process yet…

Report writing.

Last time I wrote my reports I did a word count on my comments and was shocked that they were in excess of 10,000 words.

To put that in perspective, my Honours dissertation was the same length.

I’ve often wondered if anyone has ever done a study on the effectiveness of learning during report writing season.

The content that needs to be ‘covered’ the assessments that need to be done all in order to be reported on.

Then there’s inevitable time spent drafting, writing, re-writing, proofing and checking before the final extra step where comments can be cut and pasted into the schools LMS to be sent to parents.


I’d estimate that I’ll spend 2-3 hours on each child’s report. Yet the impact of the report on the child’s learning?

If the goal is conversations about learning, are there more effective ways to be doing this for everyone involved?

What might that look like?

Why do reports largely look the same as when I went to school?

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