“Split personality” photos on the iPad

At the moment my class is exploring how humans use clothing to express their ideas and beliefs.

To tune into the unit we had a ‘free choice’ fashion day where the children could choose their own outfit to express their personalities.

I did an initial fashion shoot with the children where I encouraged them to pose in a way that showed off an aspect of their personality. I was sure to keep the children on the lefthand side of the photo.


The next day, we repeated the process on the right hand side of the frame. This time, the children looked at their initial photo and tried to think of a contrasting pose in their school uniform.


The children then inserted the two images into keynote on the iPad. Cropping one of the images and using the instant Alpha tool tool to remove any changes in lighting. They then did a quick screenshot of

FullSizeRender 2

They then did a quick screenshot of the end results.


Which show some interesting contrasts between the two sides of the children’s personality.


Some things to be mindful of to create a clean finish

  • A clean background – we used our school’s film studio but a green/blue screen on clean wall will work just as well
  • Contrasting colours – between the subject and the background
  • Keep your camera in the same place through using a tripod
  • Get the tallest kid in your class to be the person to frame the shots
  • Keep the lighting consistent to avoid unnecessary shadows
  • Small brush strokes on instant alpha work best

It’s amazing how a change in clothes really can bring out a big difference in kids’ personalities.


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