When do you call time on traditions?

This year I celebrated Christmas in Singapore with my parents.

While I am well accustomed to spending holidays in foreign countries and forgoing traditions, my parents are not.

Nevertheless, after over 30 years of celebrating christmas with the extended family and the chaos that entails they decided to try something new.

Despite the outward appearance of christmas – the decorations and music. My parents found the little differences  more disconcerting. The shops on Christmas day were not only being open but teeming with people. People were going about their business as is the case in such a multi-cultural city.

Yet when the Facebook pictures of family gatherings go up, and the memories coming flooding back it can be hard to not feel like you are missing out.

The reality is, you are.

Which is what makes change so hard.

For some change can be exhilarating – a chance for a clean slate. For others, change can represent a time of grief.

Putting aside treasured traditions in the hope that what replaces it will be better…

Only you can really say when you are ready to call time on tradition.



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