2015 in Review – Top 3 Learning opportunities

As 2015 draws to a close, I’m going to follow Chris Kennedy’s lead with some year in review lists over the next few days.

First up, the top 3 learning opportunities that I have take part in this year.

  1. Project Zero Classroom – The week-long institute at Harvard Graduate School of Education was the perfect mix of thought-provoking lectures, hands-on learning and small groups to keep us all connected at such a large event. I’m still working my way through what I learned in the first week and find myself itching to go back.
  2. ISHCMC3E conference – I love that the crew at ISHCMC don’t just talk about doing things different, they put those ideas into practice. This PD was fantastic as it was so hands on. We go to see teaching happening in the classroom with actual students – what a revolutionary idea. If you aren’t following him already, I highly recommend the TimeSpace Education blog.
  3. Learning2 – Instead of sitting together listening in a workshop Learning2 was about putting together an idea to bring back to school. Though last term just kind of happened, the idea of a student-led conference is something percolating around in my head.

What conferences or courses did you take part in this year that stretched your learning?

How have you shifted your practice as a result of the learning?

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