2015 in Review – Top 3 Learning Engagements

As a teacher, I measure myself by the learning experiences I create in the classroom for my students.

Looking back on 2015 my top 3 were learning engagements were.

Field trip into Singapore – As part of an arts unit my class went on a massive photography trip through Singapore’s ethnic neighbourhoods. The photos the children captured from the day became part of an exhibition in New Zealand. The children loved hosting the New Zealand High Commissioner to the invent which involved learning a traditional Maori welcome. Authentic learning, creating links with the community, interacting with the environment.

Self-organised learning environments – Instead of the usual here’s a procedure now follow it Science unit, I set up a rich learning environment to help the children learn the importance of those procedures through building and making circuits using Makey Makeys and basic scratch programming. The best part? Sharing a make and build with parents to show these qualities in action.

Response to the Earthquake in Nepal – We were just starting out a unit on earth forces when the earthquake hit Nepal. The children immediately wanted to take action to help the children in Nepal – so they made a video.  This video was the start of a series of fundraising events held at school which raised thousands of dollars for the effort.  The children had some fantastic interactions from their extended families as well as from the British School in Nepal.

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