2015 in review – top 3 edutalks

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I love the power of video content in particular the power to rewind and re-think messages. These three edutalks I still remember the messages weeks after I’ve seen them.

Breaking Education moulds – Sam Sherratt

I was very fortunate to be in the room for this talk, yet I still re-watched this talk several times. The message to re-think tradition for the sake of tradition is powerful one worthy of re-thinking

The power of ummmm… – Kath Murdoch

I am total fan-girl of Kath Murdoch. She always provokes my thinking on all things inquiry.

Jake Bailey’s prize giving speech

What list could be complete without a nod to students – despite all that is wrong in education we do get a lot of things right. It’s a shame we often don’t recognise the important parts until the end.

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