The power of the one word goal

Last year I followed Kath Murdoch’s idea of having a one word goal.


The word came from my tendency to meander down the road less taken. Sure the kids were engaged and we had done some cool stuff.

But were they learning?

More importantly what exactly were the kids learning?

In my quest to ‘wild the tame’ learning, I often found myself lost in the jungle of learning. The kids and I had great adventures, but I knew I needed to bring some more focus to the learning in my class.

Over the year,  my thinking became clearer. A conversation with my amazing study group leaders at Project Zero Classroom helped me develop my thinking further.


One word might seem simple. Yet from that word a whole lot of thinking and conversations, a guiding question to inquire emerged. Acts to help me answer that questions, and reminders to myself to further develop those ideas.

If I had written a SMART target, would have been quickly filed away and forgotten  until the next appraisal meeting.

Through, blogging, sketch-noting, twitter as well as in-person conversations, the goal was refined and developed as the year went on.

What does your word look like this year?

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