Should teachers be dreading the start of school?

I’ve still got a week let of holidays. Something I notice as schools start up after a long break, is quips about starting up school again.

Like countdowns I wonder what sort of message we are sending about learning?

Is it something to be endured rather than enjoyed?

To be clear, there are certain things I don’t like about the resumption of work. I have a bad relationship with mornings. Holidays are a great perk of teaching, being able to travel and enjoy extended periods of time off.

However, by the time school starts I am genuinely excited to be going back and share my adventures with the kids I teach.

I’ll be happy to

  • See my co-workers and hear about their vacations
  • See my students and hear about their holiday adventures
  • Try out new ideas in the classroom and tweak existing ones
  • Change up the room (if I get time)
  • Be amazed by the kids in my class

I consider it a privilege that I get paid to do something I enjoy, teaching kids every day.

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