Growth – #oneword2016

One of the weird things about teaching on a northern hemisphere timetable is that end of the calendar year is halfway through a school year.

It seems like a weird time to start setting goals with the school year half done.

Yet it actually feels kind of right.

I’ve gotten to know (most of) my kids for the year, established classroom routines. Now seems like the right time to think about improving practice with my current class and set up for my new class in August.

One of the big shifts in practice this year has been attending Project Zero Classroom. It’s revolutionised the way I teach and assess children’s learning.  Yet I know I’m not done yes.

This year’s word is growth.

I chose the image of a Koru to remind me of my roots back in New Zealand.

The Koru is based on the unfurling of  a silver fern frond. Growth is an extension of what has come before.

This word is a reminder to:

  • Build on past awesomeness
  • Seek out new challenges
  • Do something new everyday

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