Homework shouldn’t be done in isolation…

There’s a bit of assumption out there that homework is something that kids do by themselves hunched over their worksheets.

Family involvement is often seen as a negative thing, the adults hassling the kids to get it done, fights arguments or worse the adults end up doing the work for the kids.

I am open to children showing their learning in different ways. My favourites submissions are always the ones where the learners are interacting with their family – trips out in Singapore, making food together.

One of the interesting trends in my class at the moment with home learning has been video submissions coming through.

As the children are starting to make videos, they are enlisting the help of their siblings to film them or creating parts for their siblings to play in the video.

This hasn’t come about by me mandating that the kids include their family but by leaving broad and vague suggestions and letting the children be creative in their submissions.

What  if instead of encroaching on family time, home learning could be a way to bring siblings together to make and create?


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