Links to be reading

PD Formats as a reflection of a community’s values  put simply it’s better to show your values rather than people about them.via @mscofino

I’m a woman in tech but I didn’t get ‘it’ until this week – an important diversity rant.

Hitrecord – so much scope for awesomeness from talented teachers and kids

Letter of Recommendation: Sick Days “Let’s be sick in bed… but not that sick. This is important. All signs point to putting down our phones and closing our email.” Only problem with sick days when you are a teacher is that they involve more work than regular days.

A tornado is coming – powerful writing on Iran’s return to the international stage

Please turn down the pink dial. Part two: If not pink, then what? – Love @missesarttech if you aren’t following her you should be

Blue sky high – five things every secondary school should implement now –  and also international schools

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