If you want the lifestyle, then do the job

Today I had some paperwork to take care of and needed to venture into the city.  As I waited around at 9.00 I noticed the office workers arriving coffee in hand. If this was a ‘normal’ day, I’d already have been at work for 90 minutes.

Quiet foyer reminded me again why I will never return to  a desk job. Every day the same as the others. Wishing away the minutes until morning tea, lunch and then home time. Sure 5pm meant knock off time with no work taken home but there was no excitement and laughter in my day either.

When people complain about teachers ‘perks’ of long holidays, I repeat a line from another older wiser teacher. ‘If you want the lifestyle, then do the job.’

When I came into school this morning, 22 kids were excitedly telling me all their adventures over Chinese New Year break. Laughter and excitement, I’d take that over a 9am start any day.

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