Links to be reading

For refugee children, even small connections with their homelands can go a long way. a poignant piece on the importance of connections to home.

Misty Copeland and the Art of Degas – Copeland is the first African-American dancer with American Ballet Theatre recreating the works of Degas.

Shutting others down when you disagree. – “What do I understand better or differently after  reading/viewing this? ”

Think inside the box.. The power of creative constraint – sometimes the best innovation happens because of constraints

A stunning time lapse of Seoul – a RoKing timelapse of  my home for four years.

If Male Characters Were Introduced in Scripts Like Women – a take down of Hollywood sexism in a series of tweets

Gareth Morgan: The Pākehā way isn’t the only way – an interview with New Zealander Gareth Morgan on Biculturalism –

‘We Pākehā tend to think that our norm is the only norm – and that nothing else matters. But Pākehā society is only one of New Zealand’s societies. And Māori is another society with its rights to fulfil its aspirations too.”

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