Re-visiting learning behaviour

A few of the children in my class have slipped into old habits.

It’s getting towards the end of the term and there’s a smell of holidays almost in the air.

Rather than blame the external factors I can’t control I looked at the changes I could make.

  1. Individual contracts. What’s going well for this learner in class – what do they need to be more mindful of in their interactions with others?
  2. Some good old team-building games – there no reason why these need to stop halfway through the first term. Spending time developing classroom culture shouldn’t be a one-off but something ongoing throughout the year.
  3. Doing less but doing it well. As we get towards the end of a unit there’s a tendency to rush, rush, rush to be ready at the time on the planner. That’s an arbitrary moment and we could spend a few more days in order to wind things up.
  4. Re-visiting the essential agreement. I’ll admit it – it’s become wallpaper in the class. Bits of paper that are never referred to. Time to mix that up. What needs a refresh?
  5. Ask the kids. What do we need to do more of less of to get the classroom running smoothly.

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