Getting feedback sucks…

I am learner.

I am an educator.

I believe in the growth mindset.

I want to be challenged in order to grow.

I fervently believe all these things yet when it comes time to get feedback, I still find myself a ball of nerves not wanting to open that email or book that meeting.

Why is that?

Because putting your ideas out there for judgement, those ideas you spent hours working and slaving over, is hard. You need to be prepared to be wrong, and like so many I want the gold star and the A.

Initially comes the shock of the criticism, then the grumbles – the assessor wasn’t being fair it wasn’t my fault. Inevitably the grumbles become niggles – what if this person was right? Maybe if I try this, it will get better. Then a whoosh and off a sudden we’re off. Hopefully thanking the person who gave us that criticism.

Which makes me wonder about the feedback we give kids.

Do we let them have time to grumble?

Do we wash over that sting of criticism with slogans of having a ‘growth mindset?’

Sometimes a few days to ruminate might actually result in  meaningful action rather than compliance.

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