Links to be reading

Woohoo it’s the end of the week. The smell of holidays are in the air.

What Can People Do to Get Better at Learning? – A great conversational piece from the Aspen ideas festival.

Unpacking the Science: How Playing Music Changes the Learning Brain – A topic near and dear to my hear – playing music

“There are a lot of different brain systems involved in successfully playing even a small musical piece: your auditory system, your motor system, your emotional system, your executive function system; this playing together of these brain regions, almost like in a musical ensemble.”

A Shazam for plants – accessing information previously found in text books…

The American election is a political car-crash. You should be driving straight ahead but can’t help looking. However this post provoked my thinking on the  election: Here’s Why People of Color Can’t Simply Laugh Off Trump, Threaten to “Move to Canada”

And as a final round upThe man who studies the spread of ignorance. – As educators we need to remember our job isn’t just passing exams but helping kids to make meaning:

“When people do not understand a concept or fact, they are prey for special interest groups who work hard to create confusion”


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