What happens after the provocation?

Something I know I do well as a teacher is to provide a strong context for learning. There are thoughtful provocations to kids engaged and thinking however my big problem is follow through.

I’m wondering how do I sustain meaningful and personalised learning throughout the Unit of Inquiry?

During the provocation I collected a lot of data. I videoed the kids and edited that down into a movie. I also had the children record their own reflection of the day.

From there I moved into spreadsheet mode.Through giving group and individual feedback I identifiedL

Whole class teaching points –  placement, planning, connecting with buyers

Groups – developing products, teamwork, developing knowledge of unique products and services

Individuals – bouncing back from failure,  specific communication needs (listening, negotiating)

Over the course of this unit there will be opportunities for me to:

  • Plan mini-provocations to help children develop attitudes and skills, connect with experts, field trips
  • Group work – at different stages of company formation
  • Individual conferences around specific issues

Stay tuned…


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