Links to be reading – international women’s day edition

Names We’d Like To See When We Google ‘Women Changing The World’

Sheryl Sandberg. Hillary Clinton. Malala Yousafzai. Oprah. Even Taylor Swift. These names pop up when you Google ‘women changing the world.’What about Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy? Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu? Kiran Gandhi? Have you heard of them? Probably not. But they deserve a Google shout-out too. They’re some of the unsung women making strides in the developing world. In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month”

Speaking of awesome Women. Gabrielle Douglas put’s together an amazing floor routine that is five kinds of fierce.

Even in such women-dominated field, education is largely led by men.

Why then are there so few women heading school districts? Is there discrimination on the part of school boards and others involved in the hiring process? Or do women educators, for whatever reason, choose not to pursue the superintendency?

If women built cities... Our cities are built predominately by men. What would happen to our spaces if women’s lived experience was part of design?

“Partly this is down to physical differences: the experience of being smaller, of being pregnant or needing to breastfeed a baby, of feeling unsafe after dark. Feeling marginalised professionally can also sharpen awareness of what life is like for other excluded groups: children and young people, old people, or those with disabilities.”

Change the f’cking ladder. Normally I don’t add swearing  in content. But I did enjoy this post about that old chestnut of meritocracy.

“Since Tuesday I’ve been wondering: what can I do? What’s the next edge of myself that I needto change? I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s redefining what “success” looks like (the ladder) and who “success” looks like. I want to work harder on normalising women and men in every role at every stage, and not just white straight women.”

Female heroes are more important for boys than girls

” They are female protagonists in properties that boys are encouraged—expected, even—to watch. For the first time young boys are being asked to empathize with female leads the way girls have long been expected to empathize with male ones.”

Finally, #Istandup – A campaign against the objectification of women in advertising.



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