Links to be reading

It’s the end of term!

Here’s some links to start your weekend with.

Fans of the photographic essay Where children sleep – will enjoy the photographer’s exploration of refugee crisis- What refugees carry with them . Fantastic resource to talk about current situation.

The cult of cute and its impact on girls in STEM – If you aren’t following MissesArtech already you should be.

Beyond the selfie: the true stories behind our most-liked posts – the story behind the pretty pictures isn’t always so beautiful

This Is What It Would Be Like If Men Were Treated Like Women In The Workplace  – warning for swearing but a fantastic take on institutional sexism.

Social media dos and dont’s – yup we still need some etiquette even in the modern world

Let’s talk  -thought-provoking article on children’s language development

My day of shadowing a student Good read by @geomouldey on an admin walking a mile in a student’s shoes.


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