Holiday ‘homework’

I’m not a huge believer in homework. So to give holiday homework… well that seems cruel. Nevertheless, a tradition of taking pictures has led to the holiday scavenger hunt. The list gets co-constructed with the kids and the adults usually take part as well.

This holiday we are looking for:

  1. A picture of water
  2. Your  shadow
  3. A sunset or sunrise
  4. Something sweet…
  5. Something hot…
  6. Somewhere that you fall asleep…
  7. An action shot
  8. Something beautiful
  9. A view of out of window…
  10. Having fun
  11. A favourite thing
  12. A selfie

One thought on “Holiday ‘homework’

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  1. I like the fact that you co-construct with the students and families. I’m wondering how you follow up, e.g. do you use the Shadow or Water photos in any way once back at school?


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