Mind ‘the gap’

The children I teach have been in school a few years. Conventional wisdom dictates that there is a long list of milestones the children should hit over the course of this year.

Yet for some kids these milestones are absurd. The ones who long ago hit the learning targets are seen as doing more than ok. Then there’s another group of kids who may toil away all year and not get close to meeting them. These kids will be the subject of  numerous interventions  and extra time to get them back on target.

Yet when all is said and done, while academic progress is important a bigger gap must be closed. The perception gap. See even after just a few years at school some kids are figuring out those learning thing is not for them. What comes so easily for some, feels like an endurance event for others. Through the slog it can hard to point to progress.

If there’s one thing I want all the children to leave my class with, it is a belief that they can learn. They should all be able to point to victories over the year and know there is a gap between who they were at the start of the year and who they are now. That’s a gap worth minding…

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