Links to be reading 

The day I went viral – from the passenger in 23B – “But by going viral, I learned firsthand that what gets attention on the Internet and what actually matters in the world are two different things.

My mothers garden a beautiful pice of writing on challenge of poverty 

You Tell Me: When Kids + Screens = Happiness

 There’s another side to the story that we don’t talk about enough. How screens can bring us and our children together. The moments of pure, shared joy, discovery, and connection across the room or across great distances.

20 airport art installations that wow travellers I’ve been to 13/20 not bad going 

Rescued as kids in World War Two they are now helping today’s refugees 

In Calais’s infamous “Jungle” encampment, a British charity counted 305 unaccompanied minors last month, and French child-protection agencies registered roughly 1,600 throughout the country in 2015. The real figure is likely to be higher, because not all will necessarily register.

Netflix for education? No thanks.

“We must be able to distinguish between our resources and ourselves”

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