Is that time of the year again…

Why yes its report writing season again.

I utilized part of my plane ride home to punch out a whole bunch of comments in the absence of wifi – (on a side note wow could I get a lot done without wifi).

Which then begs the question.

If I’m writing comments this early in the season, what are those comments going to look like in 10 weeks when they are actually published.

I will, of course, go back to re-write the comments.

But nevertheless, by the time the comments are researched, typed, proofed, checked and edited they will not be an accurate reflection of the child’s learning.

So yes with the end of the school year approaching all those chores start to mount up, and the best way to keep on top of them is to keep well ahead of deadlines.

Do here’s to the last term and all the craziness that it entails!




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