Start the term with something sweet

Warm fuzzy emails are one of those items that perpetually sit on my to-do list but very rarely get done.

In the busyness of school, it can easy to get bogged down in admin, report writing. Yet when I think of the impact those emails they are huge.

For the parent who only hears from a teacher when there is trouble, they get to hear someone tell them their kid is wonderful.

For the parent who has a child who does well at school, their child gets specific praise.

For the parent who might be worried, it opens up a conversation.

For the parent who is dealing with challenging behaviour at home, it can be reassuring to hear that things are going well at school.

For the parent who gets the ‘nothing’ answer to ‘what happened at school?’

I put aside 15 minutes today to send quick notes to something positive I noticed in the children I teach.

At the end of the process, I realised that this positivity rubbed off on me. Ir made me realise how much the progress many of the children had made over the year and also what a great group of kids I teach.

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  1. One of my favourite things to do after a bad day in the classroom was to make some positive phone calls home. Mainly to make myself feel better! But always made the start of the next day better too when happy kids turned up.


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