The YouTube generation

In the old days, if you wanted to learn a new skill you’d have to spend ages digging through books in the library or maybe go to a class.

But that was time consuming or expensive.

Now if I want to learn anything new, a cake decorating technique, a tech question or how to make an igloo out of milk bottles. YouTube.

After getting board with buns and ponytails, I started searching for hairstyles online. The next question – how do I do those?

You guessed it.


Dutch braids, twists, ropes and even hairstyles from a favourite movie. Unlike the ‘how to books’ from my youth, being able to see and rewind instructions makes learning to master these techniques a whole lot easier. With class photographs today that learning came in handy – I need my hair done Ms Stephanie

But I did learn something else – mastering a hairstyle on your own head is easier than doing it on someone else.

Modelling learning that I am still seeking out new ways of doing things is something I can show my students.

In the days where you can learn any basic school online the question inevitably comes up what is the purpose of teachers?

More than ever, our students need to see us as multi-dimensional people with interests and passions to make that content so much more relevant to their lives.

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