The real countdown in the last term..

205/365“Not long until holidays…”

“Just 9 weeks to go…”

“Next year, that will be someone else’s problem…”

It can be so easy in the last term to slip into countdown mode.

Assessments, reports, paperwork. As each item is checked off, that long break gets just a little closer.

But you know what else gets closer?

The time you get to say goodbye to that awesome group of children who have been ‘your kids’ for the last 10 months.

The last opportunity to have that ‘ah-ha’ moment with that child you’ve been working with on a problem all year.

That chance to repair a relationship with that kid who has driven you crazy all year so you both finish the year feeling good about your time together.

The true countdown in the last term isn’t with your paperwork.

It’s the chance to make a difference with your kids.

Teachers are riverboat captains on the flowing waters of childhood. Let’s pass our passengers on safe and well to the next person to take them on their journey.

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