Look for the learning when taking action

Action is an essential element of the PYP but I would argue that it is also one the most misunderstood. One of the misconceptions about taking action is that it needs to be some big event with posters and raising lots of money for a worthy cause after the children have gone through ‘the inquiry cycle.’


The children in the photo below are taking action – but they are doing so as a result of their learning.


After being inspired by a Skype call to think beyond tangible products, the girls have created a ‘tech help’ service as their business.

I suggested the children might have more luck with the adults (who also have more money) than kids.

The girls learned to pitch from watching 1990s infomercials, drafted their own script,  contacted the principal to speak at the meeting, and practiced before the big event.

They applied what they  learned to a real, live audience.

That is taking action – going outside of the comfort zone and applying what you’ve learned in an authentic manner.

Through this process the children learned:

  • To look for creative opportunities – they moved beyond a tangible good into a service
  • To ask for permission and connect with others who can help them
  • To make a budget
  • To write persuasively and speak in public to a group of adults
  • To make meaningful connections rather than rely on passive forms of advertising to sell their service


The children will reflect on their action and think of what actions they need to take to take their business further.

They wouldn’t have had this opportunity if we’d waited until Week 6 of the unit as the ‘taking action’ week.

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