Read aloud in Asia? Lets read together in September!

Who would like to join me in doing a collaborative read aloud in September?

The TED talk The Windows and Mirrors of your child’s bookshelf by  Grace Lin provoked my thinking about the literature I am sharing with my class.

Overwhelmingly the books I share as read aloud with my class are American with a few New Zealand authors thrown in for good measure.

I teach in Singapore with a large number of students from Asia. I know I need to showcase more of the rich tales from the region.

To start the next (northern) academic year, I intend to read  Where the Mountain Meets the Moon to my class. The  choice of book was simple – Grace Lin inspired me to take action to be a better teacher.

In the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d see who else was interested in sharing this book with their class.

As part of the journey, we could share our reactions to the text via padlets, twitter, blogs.

My students also love to sketchnote during read alouds so I imagine we could share some of those.

Maybe look for ways to connect with the author.

The goal of this project is to build a reading community between classes and teachers.

Having participated in the Global Read Aloud in previous years, I know my students love taking part in projects to feel connected with children over the world.

Obviously schools from outside the region are more than welcome to join and I welcome title suggestions.

Interested in joining the journey? Fill out this google form.

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