5 ways to encourage creativity in the classroom


Embrace the weird

Do you keep pushing kids for the answer you want to hear? Do you assess for misconceptions as well as prior knowledge?  Do you seize on teachable moments or blindly follow the planner?

Be less helpful

Do you answer every question? Do you give kids quick fixes or ask questions to help them identify solutions for themselves? Do you let kids line up chatting  while waiting to see you or do you encourage them to peer assess?

Say yes more than you say no

Do your students take initiative or wait to be told what to do? Do you enable kids to make their ideas happen or do you put barriers in their way?

Make creativity a daily ritual

Do your students see themselves as creators or doing school work?  Do children have time to appreciate others creativity or are they more focused on finishing a task?

Be a creator 

How often do you complete tasks alongside your students? Do your students see you as a writer, an artist, a photographer or someone who teaches them about writing, art and picture taking?


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