#maythefourth -Some fun and some seriousness


As a teacher and Star Wars fan, I love May the Fourth.

It’s a time to do some Star Wars-related silliness.

This year, it took a different twist.

Last week I came to school swimming gala day with the Rey hairstyle because… why not?

The kids went crazy and wanted me to do their hair ‘Rey Style.’ I suggested to the girls that they might want to do a May the Fourth photo shoot.

We talk about getting more women into science and technology. Those love affairs with those films come early – like at 8 years old watching your first Star Wars film.

Part of dressing up as Rey is thinking about all the cool things she does. Fixing things, her concern for others, flying the Millennium Falcon like a boss and standing her ground against the schoolyard bully. That character is a reflection of what the girls are now and the adults they could become.


Where’s Rey?


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