#internationalwomensday – instead of platitudes take action

A few weeks ago, I helped to prepare a document for my school. The document had lots of photos of children. As part of the final proof, the principal went back and counted up the children appearing to check for gender diversity. It was a small action but something that communicated a bigger idea – equality matters to me.

I have often wondered about the disconnect that happens in education. It’s a workforce dominated by women. Yet when I look at conference keynotes, heads of school, educational ‘thought leaders’ featured in the media and yes, even on twitter, there are a lot of men sharing their thoughts and, more importantly, having their thoughts shared.

Instead of appreciating women once a year on women’s day – why not take action for the rest of the year?

Follow female educators* on twitter, share blogs written women educators, particularly those from different backgrounds. If you notice a lack of diversity at a conference, let the organizers know that this a problem they need to fix. If you’ve got a lack of women in leadership positions, give time, space and encouragement to sharing their expertise.

Because here’s the thing.

If you are the one worrying about equality, then you aren’t the one with the power. Having to monitor, agitate and aggravate just to get a seat at the table “counts” as having to do “extra” work just to get your voice heard.

But if we all do a little bit, well we might find things go ‘zoop’ in the other direction.

Here’s a list of awesome educators to get you going:



,  ,



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